Last Chance to Enjoy a $700 Discount on my WebRTC PaaS Report


Grab your copy now.

WebRTC PaaS report discount

I am in the last stretch of updates for my Choosing a WebRTC API Platform report. In the past month, the report has been available at a discounted price – from $1950 down to $1250. Purchasing the report includes 1 year of updates, which means that if you get your copy now – you’ll be receiving the new update next week.

What’s new in the report?

Things are at constant change with the WebRTC ecosystem, and the best place to see it is in the API space. Since the last update, we’ve experienced the rebranding of Comverse as XURA, which affected their Forge platform as well.

Here’s what you will find in the updated report, due next week:

  • Updated all vendor profiles and feature sets, so they now reflect the existing
  • Added a new vendor – QuickBlox. This brings us to 24 covered platforms in the report
  • I added a new KPI to the report – investment level – where I indicate for periods between updates how much investment was made in new features and capabilities in the platform. This can be an indicator to the level of commitment the vendor has to his platform and what to expect moving forward when it comes to new features being introduced
  • I’ve written a new Vendor Selection Blueprint. This document can assist you in the vendor selection process by guiding you through it. It includes an Excel sheet as well as a mockup example of such a process for an imaginary use case
  • Presentation deck of the visuals has been redesigned and improved, so now if you need visuals – they will be even more professional looking

What do you get when you purchase the report?

The report itself isn’t only a PDF file you print and put on your manager’s table. It includes a lot more than that:

  • The report, in PDF format (obviously)
  • 1 year of free updates, these will cover 1-2 more updates (I tend to publish them every 6-8 months or so)
  • Site membership access to additional materials
  • Online comparison matrix, to make quick comparisons easy to handle
  • Presentation visuals, which you can use in your own presentations
  • Vendor Selection Blueprint, to guide you through the vendor selection process
  • Access to the monthly Virtual Coffee sessions as well as the archived sessions

How to purchase?


  1. Go to the WebRTC PaaS report page
  2. Scroll down to the end of the page
  3. Select the Premium option and press the BUY NOW button
  4. Use your PayPal account or a credit card to make the purchase

If you do this in the next couple of days – you are guaranteed to enjoy the discounted price.