Advanced WebRTC Architecture Course – Premium

Advanced WebRTC Architecture Course – Premium




Extend your knowledge of WebRTC and become an expert.

Premium package includes:

  • Access to all 7 basic course modules
  • Access to class discussions
  • 1 year access to course materials
  • Bonus course module with 4 additional lessons
  • Extraz package: templates, sheets & checklists
  • Office hours (live and recorded)
  • Live demo session and training of testRTC
  • 2 private consultation call at your convenience

WebRTC is the most interesting VoIP technology in the last decade. It enables real time voice and video communications from browsers. Companies big and small are using WebRTC to fit into their business processes. This course is meant to assist in the process of putting the best possible WebRTC architecture in place.

The goal of the Advanced WebRTC Architecture course is to bring students up to speed with WebRTC and enable them to make better product decisions. The course was designed by Tsahi Levent-Levi, a leading WebRTC authority, based on numerous sessions with leading vendors big and small across a wide range of industries and experience levels.

Checkout the course syllabous here.