Tools of the Trade

I am a sucker for developer tools. I drool whenever I see a new tool that can boost my productivity or improve the end result. This is why I’ve decided to add this page to the resources section – so you can get a glimpse of the things I use and provide your own insights and help with it.

Static Code Analysis


Developing? Got a lot of code you’re handling? Then you should be using a static analysis tool. There are 2 of those that I’ve been pleased with: Coverity and Klocwork. The rest were shallow compared to what these 2 can do.

Out of these, Klocwork was the one I had spent more time with and found it more than adequate. In once sentence? It finds bugs.

It analyzes your code, finds anomalies and reports them back to you, trying to keep them false positives at a low count. Don’t launch products without it.

Runtime Tools

AT&T Application Resource Optimizer

If you are a mobile application developer then this is a mandatory tool or you.

It enables you to run your application, analyze its behavior and optimize it for better battery life and network usage.

You can read more about here.

Productivity Tools

Beyond Compare

If there’s anything to be said about Beyond Compare it is that this tool is mandatory. If you are a developer, then you need it to compare stuff – source code, resource files, images – anything.

That said, others can enjoy this tool as well. Here are 5 unexpected uses for Beyond Compare.