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Why is there only a Single Voice Codec in WebRTC?

WebRTC opted for the use of Opus as its main voice codec, shying away from adopting the practice of multiple codec support. Here’s why

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AudioCodes and WebRTC: An Interview With Yossi Zadah

AudioCodes provides VoIP solutions for the enterprise with WebRTC accessibility attached. This is an interview with Yossi Zadah from AudioCodes about their offerings in WebRTC.

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When Whatsapp Adds Voice Calling, WebRTC will be Used by 500 Million Users

Whatsapp is about to launch its voice service, which most probably uses WebRTC. This will be the largest service out there with WebRTC. Another great proof point for the technology.

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Does VP8 Have a Future in WebRTC?

While there is a fight brewing between video codecs on who becomes mandatory in WebRTC, I think the battle is all about the future codec and not about H.264 or VP8.

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Winners and Losers of no MTI Video Codec in WebRTC

The indecision in the IETF over the MTI codec for WebRTC has been a bad thing – but only to some. Who is gaining and who is losing due to it?

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WebRTC has no Edge in Media over Others

Time to explain it yet again – what WebRTC is and isn’t – what it does better than others and where it is just more of the same.

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Thoughts About Cisco Open Sourcing H.264 and the WebRTC Angle

A few thoughts boiling in my head these last couple of days since Cisco dropped their “free” H.264 codec bomb.

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AudioCodes and the Opus Transcoding Challenge

In the race for VoIP domination, where does Opus transcoding fits in? AudioCodes shows a different approach than the rest of the pack.

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Too Much WebRTC BS Lately

WebRTC isn’t an easy technology. This is why there’s so much misinformatio out there.

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