WebRTC IL Meetup Wrapup

June 21, 2013

It’s a wrapup! First WebRTC IL event took off successfuly this week.

It wasn’t easy. I am not talking about the techincalities and the arrangements. I am talking about the fear of starting up such an initiative. After I got over the fear – essentially by writing and publishing the invitation post – it was a done deal. Soon enough, there were two companies volunteering to do demos and we took off.

WebRTC IL meetup agenda

We had about 50 people RSVP’ing for the event and half of that in attendance, which made up for a cozy group for a first meeting. The end result? An engaging crowd with lots of interesting questions and ideas for future events. Essentially:

  • A meetup every 1-2 months (hopefully, I can keep this pace)
  • Do the events around specific subjects. The ones raised in the group:
    • NAT Traversal
    • Security
    • Recording
    • Coding client-side from beginning to end
  • Use the meetup members to spread the word

For those who are looking for the presentations from the event, they are all essentially online already. You can see them here below.

Before you get to the slides, here are some initial announcements about our next event:

  • Date: September (exact date will be published later. reason for the gap is the summer time – hard to get people to congregate)
  • Location: Amdocs (I hope I get the approval again)
  • Content: NAT Traversal (got a presentation or demo you want to give? send me a word)

Welcome presentation:

[slideshare id=23253872&doc=20130618-webrtc-il-01-tsahi-130620143159-phpapp01]

Alan Quayle’s presentation:

[slideshare id=23275298&doc=webrtcilmeetingupdrafta-130621040342-phpapp01]

Vonage’s presentation about WebRTC on Mobile:

Peer5’s presentation about the Data Channel:

[slideshare id=23234690&doc=peer5webrtcamdocs-130620042643-phpapp01]

See you all in our next meetup!

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