WebRTC Weekend Reads (and updates)

Some weeks are lighter than others with WebRTC news. This one was a bit more interesting than most.

[If you are new around here, then you should know I’ve been writing about WebRTC lately. You can skim through the WebRTC post series or just read what WebRTC is all about.]

WebRTC Weekend ReadsYou’ve been here before on a Friday. During the weekend, we’re either on light content – or on heavy reading of things that others have written.


  • Acme Packet were just acquired by Oracle a few weeks ago. I debated a lot if this deserves a post about the acquisition from the WebRTC angle. I think it does, but it probably is 1% of the reasons Oracle had to acquire them, so I decided to skip it. That said, Chad Hart has a great post about the standardization process of WebRTC (versus SIP). Read it. It will give you a glimpse at the pace of things
  • Dean Bubley, one of my magnificent seven, just published an industry analysis on WebRTC. Now, if you follow Dean for long enough, you’ll see that he is a pessimistic guy about technologies most of the time. But that’s not the case for WebRTC. I’ll need to grab that report and read it one of these days


I’ve published a post in NoJitter this week – about how video processing on the server side isn’t easy, giving Netflix as an example. If you are unconvinced, then you can have a look at Robin Raymond’s post on WebRTC.is about what it means in real-time video.

SIP doing WebRTC

There’s a new trend of sorts. It is focused on SIP and WebRTC. I haven’t seen it coming, but I think it makes a lot of sense.

The beginning was simple. Implement SIP using JavaScript. Have it run over WebSockets and you’re done. There are a few of these already: sip-js, sipML5, jsSIP (and I am sure I missed a few).

The thing that for me brought the WOW moment was reSIProcate adding WebSockets support. You see, reSIProcate is a SIP stack implementation. A package used by VoIP vendors. And now it starts adding support to make it compatible with WebRTC in the longer run. My guess? WebSockets support in SIP is going to become a mandatory feature for any SIP stack out there.

That’s it for this weekend.

Next week I’ll be learning more about Big Data at Strata (West coast). This will undoubtedly leave me less time to interact with my readers, but I will try to have my regular publishing days at the very least.

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  1. You missed QoffeeSIP, a Javascript SIP stack developed by Quobis:


    Great article, anyway! 🙂

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