About this blog

BlogGeek.me is… Me. Blog. Geek.

This is a place for me for my rumblings about technology. It is where I go to think straight and to focus my mind on questions: questions I ask myself or questions I get asked by others.

I also accept guest posts and conduct interviews with vendors.

About me

More specifically, this blog belongs to Tsahi Levent-Levi – that’s me with the geeky pretty face to the left.¬†During the past decade (and then some) I have taken part in the development of various telecommunication projects – mainly those related to VoIP and 3G. I’ve done so as a programmer, manager, marketer and CTO. This included developing the 3G-324M protocol stack from scratch, as well as managing the team that was in charge of developing and maintaining the H.323 protocol stack, along with other interesting projects.

These days I am working part time at Amdocs, dealing with innovation in the carrier space. The rest of the time? I consult. Independently. On anything related to VoIP, but it mainly focuses on WebRTC and its potential for disruption.

I have an MSc in Computer Science and an MBA degree with a focus in Entrepreneurship and Strategy. You can include in my resume a few patents and being the chairman of different activity groups in the IMTC – an organization focused on interoperability of multimedia standards.

I’ve got great two kids and a wife and I love cooking.

I write here and as a guest elsewhere in multiple places. You can use the social media links in the bottom part of the page to reach me or learn more about what I do and where.

Oh, and if it isn’t obvious – my views here are my own and do not reflect in any ways the views of my employers.