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Can a native media engine beat WebRTC’s performance?

WebRTC is the best media engine out there. And it has nothing to do with its performance…

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WebRTC predictions for 2023

Here are the WebRTC trends and predictions you should expect in 2023. It is more of the same, but with nuanced differences.

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WebRTC course home assignments are here

Home assignments are coming to the next round of office hours for my WebRTC training courses for developers.

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Kranky Geek WebRTC event summary 2022

Kranky Geek 2022 follows our tradition of great curated content on WebRTC that is both timely and timeless. Here’s what we had this year.

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WebRTC: Privacy or Privacy? Which one shall it be?

WebRTC comes with mandatory encryption, which enables privacy, but which type of privacy are you really looking for?

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Two years of WebRTC Insights

It is time to stop for a second and review what we’ve accomplished here with our WebRTC Insights in the past two years.

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The lead actors in WebRTC are outside of your control

When developing with WebRTC, make sure you address the fact that many aspects are out of your control.

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WebRTC turns services into features

Telephony and communications used to be services, but WebRTC has turned them into features inside other services.

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WebRTC is the most secure VoIP protocol

WebRTC security and privacy are top of mind. You won’t find any other open standard VoIP protocol as secure as WebRTC.

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