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Data APIs: How to make the most of ‘public’ realtime data sources

Data APIs require care and attention, especially the public ones. Here are a few recommendations by Ably on what you need to take care of with your data APIs.

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Future of CPaaS; a look ahead

Looking at how the future of cloud communication APIs (CPaaS) look like, what are vendors after, what they pitch and brief analysts about, and what their customers are looking for.

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Kranky Geek, WebRTC sponsorships and other updates around my services

Some updates you might want to be aware of. This is going to be mainly about updates of things that are going on that you may want to be aware of. Mainly: Kranky Geek 2019 Available WebRTC related sponsorships Revamping my consulting pages Kranky Geek 2019 Kranky Geek 2019 is coming up fast. Date is […]

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When will Zoom use WebRTC?

There are different ways to use WebRTC. Zoom is using WebRTC, just not in the most common way possible today. Here’s how things will evolve.

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How different companies (and industries) are trying to fight spam calls

What I like at how companies are tackling spam calls and robocalling is that the solutions they bring to the table are based a lot on their DNA.

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AI in communications is inevitable

Some recent acquisitions in the comms space are reshaping the notion and role AI in communications is playing. It is an inevitability.

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Facebook eavesdropping Whatsapp? The everlasting tension between security and privacy

While the story about Facebook eavesdropping WhatsApp is wrong for now), it does raise thoughts and questions about security vs privacy.

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Twilio Signal 2019 and the future of the programmable enterprise

A summary on Twilio Signal 2019 event keynote and how this is shaping both Twilio and the industry of CPaaS and Programmable Communications.

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Common (beginner) mistakes in WebRTC

There are a few mistakes that many beginners make in WebRTC. Here are the most common ones I see when interacting with companies big and small.

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