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The software inside video conferencing hardware is… WebRTC

WebRTC isn’t only about guest access or even interoperability. It is about the whole infrastructure and service.

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Kranky Geek SF 2019 – post event summary

Kranky Geek is about the current state and the immediate future of the WebRTC ecosystem. Here are the sessions we had for 2019.

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Video meetings guest access: the new frontier of interoperability

Video meetings and guest access has come a long to the point they are today. Check out how they have evolved and where we are headed.

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Common WebRTC mistakes and how to avoid them [Slidedeck]

We are now almost 8 years into WebRTC, and it seems like the same mistakes developers made 8 years ago are still being made today. Here are some common WebRTC mistakes that I see on a daily basis. Last week, I took a quick business trip to Beijing for’s RTC Expo event. I was […]

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Are you supporting WebRTC or developing with WebRTC?

I am adding a new WebRTC training, this time for support people who need to… support WebRTC on a daily basis. Check out the agenda I am working on.

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Data APIs: How to make the most of ‘public’ realtime data sources

Data APIs require care and attention, especially the public ones. Here are a few recommendations by Ably on what you need to take care of with your data APIs.

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Future of CPaaS; a look ahead

Looking at how the future of cloud communication APIs (CPaaS) look like, what are vendors after, what they pitch and brief analysts about, and what their customers are looking for.

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Kranky Geek, WebRTC sponsorships and other updates around my services

Some updates you might want to be aware of. This is going to be mainly about updates of things that are going on that you may want to be aware of. Mainly: Kranky Geek 2019 Available WebRTC related sponsorships Revamping my consulting pages Kranky Geek 2019 Kranky Geek 2019 is coming up fast. Date is […]

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When will Zoom use WebRTC?

There are different ways to use WebRTC. Zoom is using WebRTC, just not in the most common way possible today. Here’s how things will evolve.

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