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WebRTC Trends for 2022: Proprietary & differentiation are back

A look at WebRTC trends and what is in store in 2022, especially now, as the market is heating up and differentiation and proprietary are 🔥 again.

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Spearline acquiring testRTC – this is rocket surgery

Spearline acquired testRTC and now supports WebRTC testing and monitoring. This will change what I do, but in good ways.

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Twilio Signal 2021: A Pivot from CPaaS to Customer Engagement Platform

Twilio Signal 2021 defines Twilio as “API”, “programmable”, “platform” and “customer engagement”. Here’s how it intends to compete in its many markets. Twilio Signal 2021 is when Twilio officially pivoted from CPaaS to a Customer Engagement Platform. This is the reason Twilio acquired Segment last year, and the explanation of how it intends to leverage […]

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A year of WebRTC Insights

WebRTC insights is turning out to be fun to create and super useful to our clients, looking to navigate the world of WebRTC.

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Managed WebRTC TURN: The need for speed

What the announcements of Subspace and Cloudflare on their Managed WebRTC TURN services mean for the industry.

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Free WebRTC Video API in CPaaS. Is it worth it?

Are free minutes and accounts in WebRTC video API worth the trouble? I think not. Don’t choose your CPaaS vendor based on their “free” tier.

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How to hire WebRTC developers for your job

Hiring WebRTC developers? Here are some things you need to know and consider, since finding WebRTC experts for a job is challenging.

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Tweaking WebRTC video quality: unpacking bitrate, resolution and frame rates

WebRTC video quality requires some tweaking to get done properly. Lets see what levels we have in the form of bitrate, resolution and frame rate available to us.

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What is WebRTC and What is it Good For?

What is WebRTC and What is it Good For? This 7-minute video provides a quick introduction to WebRTC and demonstrates why it is growing in importance and popularity.

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