Grow your audience and become a thought leader in your market: increase your inbound leads and improve your brand

How do other perceive you in the market? Your potential customers? Your partners? Competitors? How about analysts covering your space? No matter the answer, that can always be improved.

I work in two trajectories that can assist you in increasing your reach and improve your branding: content creation and sponsorships.

Content Creation


Create high value content, highlighting your technology. Target the decision makers at your potential customer’s business.


Engage with your target audience, visually showcasing your expertise. Build an authority and differentiate from your competition.


Create high value compelling content for your potential customers. Get influencers to talk about you.


Got some other content creation project? A video series? An inforgraphic? Something else? I am game for these!

Contact me today to get fresh new content in front of your customers.


WebRTC Weekly

Reach developers who are interested in the WebRTC market. Place job listings, product and services offerings, etc.


Promote your service or framework to developers looking for WebRTC tips and tricks, on the leading blog on the topic.

Kranky Geek

Share your experience at the main WebRTC event of the year, along with Google and other sponsors.

Check out our sponsorship packages.