Welcome to my blog. This page is intended to give you a crash course on me and answer any common questions.

I am Tsahi Levent-Levi. The person behind BlogGeek.me. This is the place for my rumblings about technology. It usually boils down to WebRTC, CPaaS, Messaging, Disruption and other topics (Science Fiction anyone?) To put food on the table, I also consult in these domains, publish my own reports and run a WebRTC training. Oh - and I am also the Chief Product Officer at Spearline.

If you are trying to follow and understand the announcements made around technology lately, you might notice there’s a lot of confusion, hype and FUD going on. Here is where I attempt to unravel these complexities and explain it in the simplest way I can.

The Obligatory Bio

During the past decade (and then some) I have taken part in the development of various telecommunication projects - mainly those related to VoIP and 3G. I've done so as a programmer, manager, marketer and CTO. This included developing the 3G-324M protocol stack from scratch, as well as managing the team that was in charge of developing and maintaining the H.323 protocol stack, along with other interesting projects.

I was the cofounder and CEO of testRTC, a self service SaaS company focused on testing, monitoring and support for WebRTC applications. In 2021, we sold the company to Spearline, where I then served as the Chief Product Officer at Spearline. Spearline was acquired by Cyara in 2023, which means I am now Senior Director of Product Management.

I have an MSc in Computer Science and an MBA degree with a focus in Entrepreneurship and Strategy. Included in my resume are a few patents and being the chairman of different activity groups in the IMTC – an organization focused on interoperability of multimedia standards.

I’ve got a wife and two great kids and I love cooking. I write here and as a guest elsewhere in multiple places. You can use the social media links in the bottom part of the page to reach me or learn more about what I do and where.

My business model? Having fun

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