10 Inspiring WebRTC Interviews

Wanted to know what people are doing with WebRTC? What do they think about it?

This free eBook offers an interesting glimpse at 10 such vendors.

I have handpicked 10 of the many interviews that are now available on this blog, wrapping them in a comfortable long-form eBook for you to read at your own leisure.

The selection was based on inspiration and variance in what they were trying to build, how they decided to use WebRTC, the business models they had, etc.

What's inside this eBook?

  1. Google – How Google sees the uptake of WebRTC by developers
  2. TokBox – Delivering a video communication platform to any developer
  3. Talko – Reinventing group conversations
  4. LiveNinja – Marketplaces and click-to-call wrapped in one company
  5. Togetheroo – Gaming? Social? Video calling? Adaptablox has it all in a very interesting package
  6. Jocly – Board gaming meets WebRTC, on a shoestring budget
  7. Jitsi – From VoIP Client to server side SFU
  8. CallStats.io – Monitoring WebRTC deployments
  9. Peer5 – Serverless CDN for distributed content delivery
  10. Lantern – Ending censorship, P2P-style

Prefer a Kindle format? You can get that on Amazon: 10 Inspiring WebRTC Interviews