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Are you blocked by the rules of your upbringing in your WebRTC application?

WebRTC shifts the way we need to think about communications. Here are a few ways that I sometimes fumble with

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When will WebRTC 1.0 be available?

Some believe WebRTC isn’t ready. I think it is ready. But when will WebRTC 1.0 be available? Lets see what you can expect in 2019 from WebRTC.

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The five make-or-break WebRTC challenges you need to address

Through my work with clients on WebRTC initiatives with discussions with many others on their projects, I’ve seen a few challenges that crop up.

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Who needs QUIC in WebRTC anyway?

QUIC in WebRTC is getting closer. Here’s what you need to know about QUIC, where can it fit in WebRTC and what it means to you.

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Which WebRTC JS library should I use?

I don’t really know, but there’s a lot in this innocent “WebRTC JS library” question that isn’t clear without digging a lot further. Here’s how –

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WebRTC for Business People: 2019 Edition

Fresh from the oven – an update to my first ever report – WebRTC for Business People. Download it for free.

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Asking Google: WebRTC is …

What are people looking for when they type “WebRTC is” on Google? Here’s the top 10 autocomplete suggetions by Google and what they mean.

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What is a WebRTC Signaling Server and Why You Should NOT Use AppRTC?

AppRTC isn’t your friend when it comes to developing a commercial WebRTC application. I already wrote about the fact that there’s no free TURN server from Google. It seems that I failed to mention the fact that you shouldn’t use Google’s “free” STUN server in production either. Which leads us to this great question on […]

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What’s the Role of WebAssembly in WebRTC?

WebAssembly in WebRTC is coming. Once WebRTC 1.0 is published, Wasm is where to focus will be headed. Here’s what it means to you.

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