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VP9 Codec: Is it time to adopt it in your WebRTC application?

VP9 is the best unused codec today that can improve video quality and media experience in your WebRTC application. Lets see who is this codec good for.

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Surviving WebRTC CPU requirements in large group calls

Enabling large group video calls in WebRTC is possible, but requires effort. WebRTC CPU consumption requires optimizations and that means making use of a lot of different techniques.

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How to know if an open source WebRTC media server is kept up to date?

If you are going to start a WebRTC project that requires a media server, you better be sure you know how frequently as well as when was the last time the code got updated.

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AV1 vs HEVC: Are the WebRTC codec wars back?

AV1 is coming to WebRTC sooner rather than later. Apparently so is HEVC. It is an AV1 vs HEVC game now, but sadly, these codecs are unavailable to the “rest of us”.

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WebRTC Server: What is it exactly?

When someone says WebRTC Server – what does he really mean? There are 4 different WebRTC servers that you need to know about: application, signaling, NAT traversal and media.

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Everything you need to know about WebRTC security 🔒

Video calling and WebRTC are becoming popular and taking center stage in our lives. Lets see see how WebRTC takes care of security (and privacy).

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WebRTC codelab: New training

I am launching a new WebRTC codelab course, created together with Philipp Hancke. This goes into the intricacies of WebRTC signaling and best practices.

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WebRTC test: How to go about testing WebRTC?

WenRTC testing has many aspects to it. Many don’t systematically test their WebRTC applications while others test the wrong things. Here’s what you need to know about testing WebRTC.

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Who are the WebRTC Market Global Key Players?

The WebRTC market global key players may be different than you think. They include the browser vendors, a few CPaaS vendors, dominant “creators” of WebRTC sessions and… open source projects.

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