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AI in RTC: Report Preview

The report preview for AI in RTC is now available. It contains the executive summary along with full table of contents.

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Vonage acquires TokBox. Where do we go from here?

Vonage acquired TokBox from Telefonica. How will that affect the WebRTC market, and what it means for video and CPaaS.

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AI in RTC: Final Price Points and End of Prepublication Discount

What are we covering in our AI in RTC report and what are the available price points for it?

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Autonomous Cars Are Killing Video AI in RTC

Autonomous cars are sucking all the oxygen out of video AI in real time comms. Talent is focusing elsewhere.

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The Challenging Path to WebRTC H.264 Video Codec Hardware Support

WebRTC H.264 hardware acceleration is no guarantee for anything. Not even for hardware acceleration. There are challenges you’ll need to consider going in this route.

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Can AI and Computer Vision solve the video conferencing eye contact problem?

Parallax, or eye contact in video conferencing is a problem that should be solved, and AI is probably how we end up solving it.

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ML vs AI: What’s the difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence?

Is it machine learning or artificial intelligence? It ends up depending who you ask and what is it you care about. Here are 4 different ways to think about it.

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UCaaS, CCaaS & CPaaS: An interview with Alan Masarek, Vonage CEO

Alan Masarek, Vonage CEO, talks about the future of cloud communications and how Vonage/Nexmo fits into it and enabling communications for their customers.

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Where does Machine Learning fit in Real Time Communication (ML in RTC)?

ML in RTC can fit in different domains: speech analytics, computer vision, voice bots & assistants, RTC quality & cost optimizations

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