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Meet me @ Kranky Geek San Francisco 2018

Kranky Geek is happening this year again, the date is Nov 16, and we’ve got the best lineup of speakers for you.

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Are Embeddable Video Experiences Necessary?

There’s no one size fits all in communications. In video, that means that embeddable video experiences are necessary and they are here to stay – they aren’t a passing trend.

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WebRTC is Ready. Now What? (a look at the state of WebRTC in 2019)

There should be no doubt about WebRTC anymore. It is here and it is ready for everyone. The question is: “now what?” Where are we headed with WebRTC in 2019

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Can Google RCS Win the Messaging Game Through AI?

Google continues to push RCS. Where are we exactly in this path, and is AI the key to the success of RCS (at Google’s hands of course).

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WebRTC vs Zoom. Who has Better Video Quality?

My thoughts on a comparison between WebRTC and Zoom that the team and Jitsi shared online – and why WebRTC is the better long term alternative.

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WebRTC FAQ: The 2018 Version

An updated WebRTC FAQ for those who wish to understand this tech somewhat better.

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Social Messaging != Carrier Messaging (the stories of Whatsapp Business API & Apple Business Chat)

Social messaging is killing RCS in all the places that matter. The quick adoption of Apple Business Chat and WhatsApp Business API is the best indicator.

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The CPaaS Version of iPaaS: MessageBird & Plivo Join the Twilio Studio Bandwagon

Visual design tools in CPaaS are now a part of the offering. Here’s where we’re at now that Plivo and Messagebird have visual designers.

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Understanding video tech in the enterprise: a web survey

The survey Vidyo is doing comes to answer one main question: How (and why) video gets embedded into different businesses?

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