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GSMA: Please Fix Your LTE Logo

LTE drains the life out of the battery of the smartphones using it. It might be wise to make a change in LTE’s logo to reflect what that means.

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The Post-WebRTC Video Conferencing Room System

Video Conferencing Room Systems have been around for over a decade with little change in terms of their architecture and design. They got more powerful, with better resolution and a bit more features, but all in all – they remained the same.
WebRTC is going to change that radically – here’s how.

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5 Unexpected Uses for Beyond Compare

Beyond Compare is a great tool. I’ve been using it for years as a developer to compare source code versions, but when I moved to Product Management I still found uses for it. Here are a few things any power user can do with Beyond Compare.

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WebRTC will Kill Enterprise Video Conferencing as we Know it

Enterprise video conferencing is a traditional market – an IT market that moves at a glacial pace compared to the internet and mobile. WebRTC is set to change all that – from the way products are made to the way we interact with them.

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Optimizing Mobile Apps? There’s a Tool for That

AT&T’s Application Resource Optimizer is a new tool suitable for mobile application developers. It’s sole purpose is to make your application run better and provide a great user experience to your customers. Check out how.

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Interoperability 2.0

Interoperability 2.0: The marriage of ubiquitous, standards-based, interoperable services with proprietary solutions and mechanisms.
What is it and why I believe this is the future?

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Enough with that 2.0 Already

There’s just too much 2.0 going around. Some of them are a bit ridiculous if you ask me. Check out this sample of new 2.0 terms I came across.

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Did Apple Lose its iPad Shine?

The new iPad is just that new. There’s nothing new about it besides being new. Confused?

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What is WebRTC?

This is the first post I’ve written about WebRTC. Here’s a better overview of What is WebRTC. For over a decade the VoIP market has been a relatively closed one, especially compared to what is happening with web based technologies. If you narrow it down to video conferencing, then almost every year I’d hear that […]

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