Get the help you need in figuring your communication service architecture and untangle from challenging bugs faster

Your communication application can only succeed if you enhance your knowledge in two areas:

  1. The things that you know that you don’t know
  2. The things that you don’t know that you don’t know

This is doubly true with domains related to WebRTC and AI. Both nascent. Both moving targets.

My role is to help bring clarity to these areas and to make sure you plan ahead of time and solve potential hurdles before they happen. The work I do is based on hundreds of discussions I have with vendors in the market and with the work I do across the industry with multiple vendors.

‚ÄčAreas I assist in the development lifecycle

Depending on your current state and objectives, my assistance can deliver a range of solutions. Here are a few of them:

  • Architceture design. Work on designing the communication infrastructure architecture
  • Technology stack selection. Pick the most suitable open source and commercial components to fit your product requirements
  • Vendor selection. Help out in writing product requirements, selecting potential outsourcing partners and work through the proposals review process
  • Best practices. Make sure your development processes, tools and backend capabilities follow industry best practices that are customized to your own specific domain and product
  • Technical assesment. Review your architecture and product implementation, providing feedback and suggestions on necessary improvements
  • Troubleshooting. Assist in reviewing bugs and customer issues, figuring out how to improve the user’s experience
  • Training. Give onsite, live online or pre-recorded training in the technologies you use
  • Interviewing candidates. Assist in vetting candidates for WebRTC related positions as well as working with job vacancy sites

You will have a strong partner helping you out in that fork in the road that is waiting for your developers. My role is to understand your requirements and current state, and from there see how to best apply my knowledge to move you forward setting you on the right path.

Get started by contacting me to find out more.

We decided to change our architecture, to be simple, robust and scalable.
After several meetings with Tsahi, we came to the understanding of how we need to treat, deploy and manage WebRTC servers in our architecture.
We are currently implementing this new approach, expecting to see improvements in our application.

NIR ELIYAHU // CTO @ newrow

Working at your pace

There are two different ways in which you can engage with me:

  1. We define a project together, with clear definitions, targets, deliverables and a timeline; from there on, we work by the defined plan
  2. You have me “on call”; whenever you need, reach out to me to schedule a meeting or to get my feedback via email

If you just want to learn, then you can check out my various training courses and ebooks instead.

Find out more how can improve your product development work. Your users will gain a better user experience that will last long after I’ll move on. Contact me today.