While this is a personal blog, I do gladly accept contributions and run interviews on my blog. That said, there are a few house rules to it.

I started to get quite a few guest post requests from professional content writers and SEM specialists who have very little idea about WebRTC and communication technologies; unfortunately (and not really surprisingly), none of them was able to produce anything of potential interest for the readers I am after. If you are in this category, you can stop reading here.

Guidelines and Suggestions for Guest Posting

Want to guest post on my blog? Good.

I run guest posts here when I have a good contribution.

If you want to guest post, consider the following before trying to contact me:

  • I don’t accept paid posts, so please don’t suggest it to me
  • Assume that if ChatGPT can write it on its own, then I am not interested
  • No product pitches
  • No SEO keyword linking to strategic terms you like for your company/client
  • Have an opinion and write it down in a personable manner
  • There needs to be a real person associated to the guest post
  • Better email me a short description of what you want to write about and get my feedback before going off and writing a whole post
  • I might reject the contribution after reading it, so take it into account (it doesn’t happen a lot)
  • I might send you back to the drawing board with comments on the post
  • If you approach me, please do so with a real name and a real account. If I can’t find you online – I’ll assume you don’t exist

Why should you guest post here?

  • You gain visibility to people who are interested in WebRTC and communication technologies
  • Guest posts are usually popular and get good viewing statistics

If you are still game, then just contact me with your idea of a guest post.