How Lowcode and nocode manifest themselves in the Communication APIs domain

Lowcode and nocode or old/new concepts that are now finding their way to Communication APIs.

This eBook details and explains the various approaches in which lowcode and nocode manifest themselves in the Communication APIs domain. It looks into the advantages and challenges of developers who adopt such techniques within their applications.

If you are in the process of developing applications that use 3rd party Communication APIs, you will find the insights in this eBook important to follow.

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What's inside this eBook?

  • Overview
  • The history of lowcode and nocode
  • The rise of the Programmable Enterprise
  • From APIs to nocode
  • Locode & nocode in communications
    • Markup languages and scripting
    • Serverless functions
    • Flow/Studio drag and drop
    • Code Exchanges and Marketplaces
    • Prebuilt/Embed
  • When to use nocode in your code
  • About the Author
  • About Daily

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