Fill in the experience gaps in your company’s product management roles in your latest communication related initiatives

Finding developers experienced in new technologies is hard. Finding product managers experienced in these technologies is even harder.

If you are working on planning, differentiation, roadmapping or other similar activities that require deep knowledge in WebRTC, machine learning and communications then I can fill up that role.

Here are a few activities you can engage with me on:

Scoping / Roadmapping

The bread and butter of product management. If you are thinking of embedding communications into your product, start a new initiative or just add a new technology into the mix, I can help.

With over 10 years of product management experience in the communication space and large knowledge in WebRTC, CPaaS and AI, I can help with defining and writing product requirements for your next initative.

The work I do takes into account what other vendors in your market and adjacent markets are doing, as well as what the technologies are capable of doing today and the trajectories they are taking.


It is easy to create a “me too” product requirements, where you take a competitor and try to write down his product’s features as the requirements to give to your R&D. But is that really what you are trying to achieve? And is this the best you can do with the developers you have?

More often than not, this approach doesn’t work. Your company is different. Your customers are different. Your team, product and DNA are different than your competitors’.

Most product managers live, think and breath their own products. This makes it hard at times to look outside of the box, seeing what other vendors are really doing and offering, and understanding the true position your company has in the market.

I can help you figure out what features and focus your product needs, and how that is mapped with other market players. See for example the CPaaS market – how many approaches do companies take there?

Due Diligence

If you are in the process of acquiring a company or a technology in the communication space, or if you plan on a considerable investment in such a company, then you need to know and understand the technology they have.

I have taken part in technical due diligence activities, helping acquirers and VCs understand the advantages and challenges of the technology developed by a target acquisition or investment. These processes include workshops and interviews with key employees, review of technical documentation and the authoring of a summary report.


Often times, there is a need to introduce a new technology into your organization. The people involved don’t have the time or inclination to try and read a large swath of information that can be found on the Internet or elsewhere, often taking days on end, trying to sift through the important out of the mundane (and the incorrect).

In such cases, I get involved in a kind of training or brainstorm sessions conducted with the relevant teams involved or with management and decision makers who need to understand the gist of a technology and the market trends around it.

If you have initiatives involving WebRTC, CPaaS, messaging or AI in communications going on then lets work together on a customized workshop to fit yout organization’s needs. These can be done onsite or remotely.

How does this work?

Be it a product roadmap project, an acquisition or investment that you are after or an entrance to a new domain, these tend to be strategic consulting projects that are tailored for your needs.

After an initial conversation, I will be able to tell you if I can help you with your challenges and how. At that point, we will work on scoping the work, defining the deliverables, timelines and investment.

Find out more how can improve your planning and decision making. Contact me today.