Check out what some of my clients have to say about my work:

Craig Walker // Founder & CEO @ Dialpad

We’ve been working with Tsahi for months and his insights and understandings of both the technology and the marketplace have been extremely helpful and shortened our development cycles materially. He’s also extremely well connected and can find you a resource for any deeper dive you need. On top of all of that, he’s a pretty great guy to hang out with 🙂

Costin Tuculescu // VP Collaboration, Product, Engineering @ Intermedia

Tsahi is a true WebRTC expert, and has also built a team that even further extends his agency’s expertise into client-side, back-end infrastructure and even user experience. He and his team provided us with a thorough diagnostic of how we were using WebRTC technologies and provided good, actionable feedback on how we could improve our products. I highly recommend Tsahi for any WebRTC consulting engagements!

Alex Dizengof // Founder & CTO @ Carbyne

Tsahi has helped us to achieve our goal of converting our legacy VoIP services to a full WebRTC implementation end-to-end.

With the help of his professional services and consulting we were able rapidly to deploy a Secure, Elastic and High-Performing infrastructure.

Eran Kalmanson // CTO @ YouNow

We approached Tsahi at YouNow in order to what should be our approach to adding WebRTC to our service. In a short period of time we have found Tsahi’s insights and suggestions on where to focus our efforts and which frameworks to use reduced the time it took us to reach our target and removed a lot of the risks involved in the process.

Tsahi connected us to a number of vendors and companies, assisting us along the way in the interactions with them. We ended up using some of these vendors to speed up our development.

Tsahi’s assistance to our adoption of WebRTC was invaluable.

Itay Rosenfeld // CEO @ Voxbone

Tsahi is a rare occurrence in our industry as he combines a laser sharp understanding of various technologies with a grasp of business strategy and market trends. There is simply no match to working with Tsahi when it’s about transcending the marketing noise, sales pitches and wishful thinking. Beyond the thorough and deep analysis that Tsahi provides, there’s also a witty and spicy individual with original thinking who makes every discussion an eye opener, often leading to fresh ideas. I wish Tsahi all the best in his current and new endeavors and always look forward to collaborating with him.

Yaron Cohen // Enterprise Architect @ NICE Systems

The first time I met Tsahi was in a lecture he delivered about WebRTC in the Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando . Since we were very impressed by his knowledge , it was decided to invite him to lecture at our office (NICE Systems). During the past few weeks Tsahi serves as an external WebRTC adviser to NICE Systems. Tsahi’s contribution for our system design is very significant from both professionalism and Time To Market perspectives. I find Tsahi highly professional with great creativity and ability to think outside the box.

Avi Fisher // CEO @ Surf Communication Solutions

We, at Surf, started working with Tsahi a few months ago. During that period Tsahi helped us a lot to mature our WebRTC offering. The things we did with Tsahi include;

  1. Review of Surf’s multimedia offering (SIP/H.323/WebRTC) – Tsahi identified drawbacks in our offering and suggested innovative solutions that are effective and practical.
  2. Tsahi worked with our marketing department – This work led to an in-depth white paper that discusses many aspects related to the support of WebRTC at the server side.
  3. Tsahi helped introducing us to potential partners that he’s in touch with.

WebRTC has many aspects. If you want to save time and to do the right things without wasting a lot of time on wondering in various directions, you should get advice from an expert. Tsahi is an expert.

Tony Beim // Founder & CEO @ Fitswarm

Tsahi’s support and expertise was second to none – from the very beginning of our WebRTC journey, Tsahi provided a period of hands-on consulting support to test our embryonic service, to get us to a point where we could go live. Tsahi provided detailed guidance on testing, product approach and some useful introductions. It is always a pleasure to speak with him and I wouldn’t hesitate to make recommendations.

Nir Eliyahu // CTO @ newrow

We decided to change our architecture, to be simple, robust and scalable. After several meetings with Tsahi, we came to the understanding of how we need to treat, deploy and manage WebRTC servers in our architecture. We are currently implementing this new approach, expecting to see improvements in our application.

Mark Luckin // Product Manager @ Aculab

Tsahi is very knowledgeable about the CPaaS industry. We’ve consulted with him briefly and had a very thought provoking session. He’s also easy to deal with, and conversations with him are most useful.

Leo Papadopoulos // CTO @ Cloud9 Technologies, LLC

Tsahi’s knowledge of the VoIP industry is amazing. He has been someone I have turned again and again for advice on SIP, WebRTC, and the VoIP industry in general. He has a long history in VoIP and has seen the industry evolve. His experiences are valuable and his advice has been spot on.

Colin MacKenzie // MD

Just the person I was looking for!
I looked far and wide for someone with the knowledge and skill of Tsahi. A true expert in the WebRTC field and was able to provide the overview as well as the detailed information needed for me to move forward. He also provides notes and a video copy of all consults making reference after the meeting easy. I would recommend and hire again!

Charlie Wilson // General Manager @ Respoke at Digium

Tsahi’s rare blend of technical depth and market savvy has provided a unique perspective that has helped us position Respoke for growth as WebRTC disrupts the way the world communicates.

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