Understand video quality in WebRTC

Learn about the 7 most important metrics that affect the quality of your WebRTC video application

WebRTC is a great technology that is used by interactive video applications - be it live broadcasting, group meetings or one-to-one interactions and consultations.

Figuring out video quality in such applications is paramount to maintain user experience. It is also the first step towards observability and optimization of the application.

This free eBook details and explains the top 7 video quality metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators) that you must understand and track in your WebRTC application.

What's inside this ebook?

  • Overview
  • 1. Bitrate
  • 2. Jitter
  • 3. Packet Loss
  • 4. Round Trip Time (RTT)
  • 5. Resolution
  • 6. Frame Rate
  • 7. Freeze Count
  • What's Next?
  • About the Author