WebRTC Insights

Get timely, actionable insights about WebRTC changes

What is WebRTC Insights?

WebRTC is ever changing. From the discussions and decisions made about it by the W3C and the IETF, to the actual implementations and breaking changes browser vendors make.

How are you keeping track of all these changes?

WebRTC Insights is a new service by Philipp Hancke and Tsahi Levent-Levi that keeps track of the things that matter to you for you.

Instead of having your developers sift through Chrome bug reports and updates, W3C emails and other news items, we bring it to you directly.


  1. Get you actionable insights on things happening in the WebRTC ecosystem that affect your development
  2. Reduce time and frustration you spend on WebRTC issues and let you focus on core business


The WebRTC Insights includes several optional components to it.

1. Onboarding Call

When you start the service, we will conduct an onboarding call. During that call, we will get to know your use-case and technology stack better.

The purpose of this call is to fine tune the emails you will be receiving so we can focus on your exact challenges and needs.

The call itself will be short – 30 minutes or less, so as not to take too much of your time.

2. Biweekly Insights email

Twice a month, we will be sending you a short and concise update of the things we know are important that are taking place. Each item in the update will include:

  • Area of concern
  • Detail on the decision/change/update
  • Explanation on how it might affect you
  • Suggestion on what your next steps should be
  • Link to the original item, for more information and details

The areas we will be covering include:

  1. Bug tracking of browser related WebRTC issues
  2. Select libwebrtc code commits that we found interesting
  3. discuss-webrtc forum messages
  4. PSA announcements from browser vendors
  5. W3C/IETF mailing list items
  6. Market news related to WebRTC
  7. Things we hear from other vendors that we can share. We are all in the same boat at the end of the day.

3. Monthly brainstorm

If you are looking for more than just insights, then we can go for a monthly brainstorming session.

During that session, Tsahi Levent-Levi will sit together to understand better your challenges, share his own knowledge and experience and assist where he can.

This meeting will have an agenda set to it in advance and prepare for it as necessary.

The results of these meetings will then be collected and provided as feedback to browser vendors in a concise way, so that your voice can be heard in the right places.


There are two options:

* Onboarding call
* Biweekly Insights email
* Onboarding call
* Biweekly Insights email
* Monthly brainstorm
$500/month or $5,000/year$1,500/month or $15,000/year