1 Year of BlogGeek.me

January 5, 2013

It is birthday time!

Birthday cakeIt doesn’t happen a lot that I start something of my own. New and frightening. My two kids definitely fall into that category. This blog does as well.

I started it… exactly a year ago, with technology in mind – a place for me to dump my thoughts and allow me to put order in them. I had in mind at the time 3 posts about WebRTC, but soon enough I found myself writing 50-70% of the posts around WebRTC.

It is a very enjoyable ride that I plan on continuing to do in the second year of this blog. But I intend on opening up a bit the topics here. The one I have in mind at the moment is Big Data from my point of view – which is definitely not one of an expert in the field.

While what I do on this blog I do for “myself”, I’d like to get your feedback – to understand if I strike a chord – if it makes a difference. If you want me to look at other areas – just tell me. If you want to chat on technology (or my kids) then feel free to contact me as well.

My wish for the second year? For all of you to enjoy my blog more than you did last year.

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Two years of WebRTC Insights

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