Me and Amdocs Voices

I am now one of the Amdocs Voices.

The moment I decided my next employer is Amdocs, I knew I was going to continue writing. This time around, it was apparent I had to open my own blog. It was just as apparent that I’ll be writing on one of Amdocs’ blogs as well.

Out of the Amdocs blogs, I decided for now to write for Amdocs Voice.

What can you find there?

Amdocs Voices bloggers are spread across the globe, and give their opinions about compelling industry trends, issues and events, as they happen.

If you like this blog here, you are sure to like Amdocs Voices as well.

So far, I’ve written there twice:

  1. The changing entertainment diet – the shift that is happening from passive consumption of entertainment to interactive forms
  2. Have service providers missed the boat in offering Rich Communication Services? – my own musings about the role of carriers in a world full of App Stores and social media

As a side note, I’ve also started writing for NoJitter again. My first post there is about WebRTC and its presence on the various web browsers.

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