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How different companies (and industries) are trying to fight spam calls

What I like at how companies are tackling spam calls and robocalling is that the solutions they bring to the table are based a lot on their DNA.

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AI in communications is inevitable

Some recent acquisitions in the comms space are reshaping the notion and role AI in communications is playing. It is an inevitability.

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Facebook eavesdropping Whatsapp? The everlasting tension between security and privacy

While the story about Facebook eavesdropping WhatsApp is wrong for now), it does raise thoughts and questions about security vs privacy.

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Twilio Signal 2019 and the future of the programmable enterprise

A summary on Twilio Signal 2019 event keynote and how this is shaping both Twilio and the industry of CPaaS and Programmable Communications.

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WebRTC mistakes: Common mistakes (beginner)

There are a few mistakes that many beginners make in WebRTC. Here are the most common ones I see when interacting with companies big and small.

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WebRTC Courses: Free, Advanced and Tooling

An explanation of the structural changes and new features in my WebRTC training programs. Now split into Basics, Tooling and Advanced WebRTC courses.

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WebRTC connectivity is challenging (a free video course)

Join my free mini-video couse on how to get more WebRTC sessions connected in your application.

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Zoom vulnerability shows why WebRTC is important

The Zoom vulnerabilities published last week have less potential to appear with vendors using WebRTC. Heres why

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PSA: mDNS and .local ICE candidates are coming

The new mDNS .local ICE candidates are great, but they are going to bring the next headache to WebRTC deployments. Here why

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