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Preparing for the WebRTC 1.0 – a free webinar

What should you be doing about the upcoming WebRTC 1.0 release? Here’s a free webinar to help you out with the decisions you need to take.

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WebRTC Programming Languages and Where they fit

Building an interactive application? There’s more than one WebRTC programming language that can fit your needs.

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Google I/O 2018 and the Future of Computing

I/O 2018 paints google as an AI-first company with everything it does moving forward. Here’s what it means.

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Choosing a Live Video Platform – a new video series

If you are contemplating build versus buy for your live video platform, or just undecided on which one to pick, check out this 10-part video series.

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What Comes Next in Communications?

There are opposite forces at play when it comes to the next wave of communication technologies.

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In Search of WebRTC Developers

WebRTC developers are really hard to come by. I want to improve my ability to help companies in search of such skill.

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RCS now Google Messages. What’s Next in Consumer Messaging?

How is Google’s new strategy around Chat is aligned with other efforts in the consumer messaging space, and what are its chances to succeed?

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WebRTC 1.0 Training and Free Webinar Tomorrow (on Tuesday)

Join tomorrow’s free webinar, where Philipp Hancke will give a lesson on WebRTC 1.0 – what to expect from it and how it changes current WebRTC implementations.

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AV1 Specification Released: Can we kiss goodbye to HEVC and royalty bearing video codecs?

The newly released AV1 codec marks an important milestone in our road to royalty free video codecs. Here’s a detailed analysis of what it means.

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