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What is Skype to do in a WebRTC World?

WebRTC is coming, opening up video calling to any developer. Is that going to mark the demise of Skype? Will we see it adopting WebRTC or trying to reject it and trench within their own technology?

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How Kindle Reading is Different than Paperback Reading

If you are planning on buying a Kindle, better understand what you are facing, as your reading habits are about to change – you are not going to view books in the same light as you did until today.

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4 New Business Opportunities to Explore with WebRTC

WebRTC is a new technology and as such it opens up doors to new opportunities. Here’s a list of 4 such business opportunities that WebRTC is enabling.

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Cheese Moving and Other Bedtime Stories

If you are here, then there’s a good chance you’ve also went through the process of reading Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson and Kenneth Blanchard. This book essentially talks about change and the need to adapt to change. Well, guess what? It doesn’t really work this way. For years in my previous work, […]

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H.323 and SIP Becoming Legacy. XMPP and JS are the Future

SIP and H.323 are quickly becoming legacy, to be replaced by JavaScript and XMPP. It won’t happen overnight, but it is happening.

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Fragmentation Will Not Kill Android

For some reason, whenever a version of Android is released, people start talking about fragmentation, adoption of the new version and how Android is boomed. It isn’t. Not in the near future. Check out why here.

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How Will WebRTC Change the VoIP Industry?

WebRTC enables video calling from a browser, but it also affects the way we voice call using VoIP. How exactly will WebRTC affect vendors developing VoIP solutions?

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GSMA: Please Fix Your LTE Logo

LTE drains the life out of the battery of the smartphones using it. It might be wise to make a change in LTE’s logo to reflect what that means.

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The Post-WebRTC Video Conferencing Room System

Video Conferencing Room Systems have been around for over a decade with little change in terms of their architecture and design. They got more powerful, with better resolution and a bit more features, but all in all – they remained the same.
WebRTC is going to change that radically – here’s how.

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