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Video meetings guest access: the new frontier of interoperability

Video meetings and guest access has come a long to the point they are today. Check out how they have evolved and where we are headed.

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Future of CPaaS; a look ahead

Looking at how the future of cloud communication APIs (CPaaS) look like, what are vendors after, what they pitch and brief analysts about, and what their customers are looking for.

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When will Zoom use WebRTC?

There are different ways to use WebRTC. Zoom is using WebRTC, just not in the most common way possible today. Here’s how things will evolve.

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How different companies (and industries) are trying to fight spam calls

What I like at how companies are tackling spam calls and robocalling is that the solutions they bring to the table are based a lot on their DNA.

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AI in communications is inevitable

Some recent acquisitions in the comms space are reshaping the notion and role AI in communications is playing. It is an inevitability.

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Facebook eavesdropping Whatsapp? The everlasting tension between security and privacy

While the story about Facebook eavesdropping WhatsApp is wrong for now), it does raise thoughts and questions about security vs privacy.

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WebRTC video recording vs video conferencing
WebRTC video recording may be more useful than WebRTC video calling

When everyone is looking at WebRTC video calling, the use of simple WebRTC video recording can make a lot more sense.

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Google CallJoy & the age of automation in communications

Google CallJoy targets small businsses and uses AI for that. Here’s what CallJoy is made up from and how it is different than what we’ve seen so far.

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CPaaS differentiation in 2019

CPaaS differentiation is taking shape in 2019. We no longer see only me-too Twilio copy cats, but rather a better alignment to market niches.

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