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CPaaS differentiation in 2019

CPaaS differentiation is taking shape in 2019. We no longer see only me-too Twilio copy cats, but rather a better alignment to market niches.

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Why is WebRTC winning over its (non)competition?

WebRTC wins over competition because there is no competition – browsers offer only WebRTC as a technology for web developers.

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WebRTC for Business People: 2019 Edition

Fresh from the oven – an update to my first ever report – WebRTC for Business People. Download it for free.

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Asking Google: WebRTC is …

What are people looking for when they type “WebRTC is” on Google? Here’s the top 10 autocomplete suggetions by Google and what they mean.

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Is Chrome on its Way to be ONLY Browser out there? (Microsoft throwing the towel on Edge)

Microsoft announced Edge will be built on Chromium. What does that mean to the browsers market and innovation?

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HELLO 2. Is Hardware Gear Finally Taking WebRTC Seriously?

It is about time for video room systems to adopt WebRTC native approaches. Solaborate’s HELLO 2 is a right step in this direction.

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Kranky Geek 2018. A post event post

Videos from Kranky Geek SF 2018 are now available – check them out to learn more about AM and ML in RTC.

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8×8 Acquires Jitsi From Atlassian. Winners and Losers

Jitsi was just acquired by 8×8, shifting hands from Atlassian. Here’s what to expect.

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Are Embeddable Video Experiences Necessary?

There’s no one size fits all in communications. In video, that means that embeddable video experiences are necessary and they are here to stay – they aren’t a passing trend.

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