Choosing a WebRTC API Platform Report Just got More Useful

September 22, 2014

The updated report is more useful than ever.

Choosing a WebRTC API Platform report

5 months have passed since I published my latest report “Choosing a WebRTC API Platform“. I received a lot of good feedback about it, making me very happy.

My goal with this report was to assist those who want to decide which route to take: self development or using a 3rd party WebRTC API platform; and then, assist in answering the more complex question – which WebRTC API platform vendor to choose.

I’ve had my share of work with assisting several vendors since then answer that question and it is always a process. There are a few reasons why this one is a tough question:

  1. There’s no single platform that fits everyone. While there are several big names that can be seen as default choices, they still aren’t suitable for everyone
  2. Each company has its own specific needs, so the process of selection has to be tailored for each company separately to fit what it is trying to achieve
  3. WebRTC is dynamic. There are many changes occurring in this ecosystem with more to come by year end

For me that last one meant I had to revisit the report and update it accordingly.

This new version is a bit longer than the previous one, as it covers 3 more vendors as well as discusses the AddLive acquisition in a new and detailed appendix.

The new vendors that got added are Apizee, Forge and Sinch. More that didn’t make it in this round of updates are Bistri, Hookflash, ooVoo and Respoke. Some because they decided to skip this round, others because I had to get this update out the door.

Some housekeeping messages:

  • The updated version has already been sent to those who purchased the initial one – so if you are one of these people and haven’t received that email – please contact me
  • The next update is due some time in Q1 2015, and I have a feeling it might require 20-30 more pages… a full year free updates is part of any purchase made of this report
  • Those who are already subscribed to my newsletter and wish to purchase the report – you should be receiving a special discount by email from me

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the report. I am also doing my best to provide quick answers to those looking for them that don’t have the money to spend.

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