Discount on the Advanced WebRTC Architecture Course ends tomorrow

September 22, 2016

If you haven’t yet enrolled to my Advanced WebRTC Architecture course – then why wait?

Advanced WebRTC Architecture Course

I just noticed that I haven’t written any specific post here about the upcoming course, so consider this one that announcement. To my defense – I sent it out a few days ago to the monthly newsletter I have.

Why a course on WebRTC architecture?

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs, developers, product managers and people in general about their WebRTC products for quite some time. But somehow I missed to notice that in many such discussions there were large gaps in what people thought about WebRTC and what WebRTC really is.

There’s lots of beginner’s information out there for WebRTC, but somehow it always focuses on how to use the WebRTC APIs in the browser, or what the meaning of a specific feature in the standard is. There is also a large set of walk-throughs of different frameworks that you can use, but no one seems to offer a path for a developer to decide on his architecture. To answer the question of “what should I be choosing for my service?

So I set out to put a course that answers that specific question. It gives the basics of what WebRTC is, and then dives into the part of what it means to put an architecture in place:

  • How to analyze the real requirements of your scenarios?
  • What are the various components you will need?
  • Go through common design patterns that crop up in popular service archetypes

What’s in the course?

The easiest way is to go through the course syllabus. It is available online here and also in PDF form.

When will the course take place?

The course is all conducted online, but not live.

It starts on October 24, and I am now in final preparation of recording the materials after creating them in the past two months.

The course is designed to be:

  • Built out of 7 modules
  • Have 40 lessons give or take, each on average should take you 30 minutes
  • This means if you take a lesson on every working day, you should complete this in 2 months
  • You can do it at a faster pace if you wish
  • Course materials are available online for students for a period of 2 months. This can be extended to 4 months for those who wish to add Office Hours on top of the course

Any discount for friends and family?

Enrolling to the course is $247 USD. Adding Office Hours on top of it means an additional $150 USD.

Until tomorrow, there’s a $50 USD discount – so enroll now if you’re already certain you want to.

There are discounts for those who want to enroll as a larger group – contact me for that.

Have more questions?

Check the FAQ. I’ll be updating it as more questions come it.

If you can’t find what you need there – just contact me.

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Two years of WebRTC Insights

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