Enterprise Connect, WebRTC and Me

January 10, 2014

Orlando, here I come!


I hate flying. I really do. Not because I hate it, but because I knew early on in my career that whatever I will end up doing – it will involve flying. And flying at the extent of where I put a stop to it. a couple of years ago, I had a month with 4 flights. Two to Europe, one to the US and one to the Far East.

My life got better since then, but these past few months, I started flying again on almost a monthly basis, and mostly because of this thing called WebRTC and because of me becoming self-employed. Who would have thought? I go off to start my own gig, and as a boss I need to instruct myself to fly.

Anyway, I was happy to see a clear and clean calendar up to April, but then a thing happened. The guys at UBM Tech, who are also the ones behind NoJitter (where I post semi-regularly), asked me to give a session at Enterprise Connect (March 17-20). I just couldn’t hold myself and say no, so I am going to be there in the flesh.

The first time for me in Orlando, and I probably won’t get to see anything beside the hotel and the venue. Life in IT is glamorous.

My session? Something to do with WebRTC and the enterprise. I still need to figure out what to say, since I don’t want to regurgitate old material from past conferences (it bores me to do so). I need to fill up 3 hours, so this is going to be rather fun, hearing myself for so long.

Similar to last year, Enterprise Connect has an Innovation Showcase. It is focused and sleek (I’ve seen videos from previous years). If you ask me, this showcase has to be packed full with WebRTC vendors. But for that to happen, said vendors will need to apply. From the looks of it, the process is rather easy to do so – I suggest you hurry up – there’s only a month to take care of it, and what better time than during this fine weekend?

Checkout the Innovation Showcase details and see if your company is eligible to be on stage (this is a huge event, so it is more than worth it).

If you want to chat with me there, try contacting me in advance, as I’ll be around for a single day.

Have a shiny weekend, especially those in the US.

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