The Geek & Kranky Show in the Land of WebRTC

April 25, 2014

Time to up the game?

So Chris Kranky decided to spill the beans, but do it in a cryptic way. It’s time to put things in context.

For those just returning back to earth – Google I/O is coming up on June 25/26. I plan on being there. It also means many techies in town. What better place and time to do another event?

So here I am, announcing an event in San Francisco:

The Geek & Kranky Show in the Land of WebRTC

Friday, June 27th
Downtown San Francisco (location to be announced)

The Geek & Kranky Show

(better banner/logo/design to follow)

What is it about?

  • Learn about WebRTC, with a focus on developers
  • Chris and myself mostly as facilitators
  • Bringing in hardcore technical speakers who have good stuff to say
  • Fun
  • Lots of fun


Many of the WebRTC events that I’ve been part of have been for the VoIP and telecom industries. WebRTC, though, is targeted at web developers. We want to reach out to the web developers and this is our first event aimed at engaging this group.

If you know VoIP, you are still allowed to come.


We’re keeping the price ridiculously low for this ½ day event (mainly to ensure you show up) and we’ll have plenty of food n’ drink to keep you occupied.

What do I want from you?

  • Interested in learning more and showing up to participate? Contact me
  • Interested in speaking and sharing your knowledge? Contact me
  • Interested in helping in other means? Contact me

That Contact me thing? I have a page on my blog for it already. You can also use the comments below, tweet me, use Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or whatever other means you have of reaching out to me (flares in the sky do not work sadly).

To make this one successful I NEED YOUR HELP.

Look for future postings next month for details on how you can register and the event location.

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  1. Classic! Would love to come but will be camping in the mud at Glastonbury that weekend.

    Enjoy, will follow along online.


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