Join us at Kranky Geek WebRTC London Event on April


Kranky Geek is headed to London, and I’d like to see you there.

Kranky Geek, London 2015image credit: Miguel Mendez

If you are interested in WebRTC and want to know what others are doing with it – what challenges did they face when they decided to build their service and what solutions they found – especially on the technical side, then this event is for you.

About 8 months ago, Chris and I took the plunge and decided to be event organizers for one day. With the great help of Google, TokBox and Atlassian we did a Kranky Geek even in San Francisco. It was a lot of effort to set up, but it was fun. A lot of fun.

This time, we joined forces with Informa, who are running the WebRTC Global Summit in London again, and suggested adding a day to the summit. In that additional day, we’d run Kranky Geek again. Slightly different audience, format and atmosphere. Still about WebRTC.

Where? London

When? April 16

How much? £99

I want this event to be bigger than the last one, and for that, I need your help.

How can you help?

  • Register to the event and join us
  • Spread the word – tell your friends and buddies. People you know in the UK. Your aunt from London. We want as many people as possible to know about this and attend
  • The agenda isn’t finalized yet. If you have something interesting to say, drop me a word, and we’ll see if we can work it out