Join me in London for WebRTC Global Summit

February 28, 2016

Why don’y we meet in London on April?

WebRTC Global Summit

It is that time of year. Informa is doing their annual WebRTC Global Summit in London on April.

This year, there are three tracks going on: Telecom, Developer and Enterprise

As with last year, if you arrive early (=for the weekend), you can also attend the TADHack event that is taking place.

I am chairing the developer day along with Chris Koehncke, we. We’ve worked hard to bring you some interesting topics and fresh new content.

While the developer day is free to attend, the rest of the conference is something I am waiting for as well.

When? 11-12 April

Where? Cavendish Conference Centre, London, UK

Free registration here

I will speak about two topics during the event:

  1. Video codecs and WebRTC
  2. Testing challenges with WebRTC

If you plan on attending or are just in town, then make sure to contact me in advance or just come say hi when you see me at the conference.


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Two years of WebRTC Insights

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