GSMA: Please Fix Your LTE Logo

April 2, 2012

Don't you think the GSMA need to rethink their LTE logo? I have a better logo idea for them. One that will capture the essence of LTE today.

Guess what? These new shiny 4G LTE phones that are promised to us? They drain the life out of the battery faster than my son gets pissed (and he is a red head):

Engadget found that the Google Navigation running over the LTE network ate battery power faster than the Nexus’ car charger could restore it.

There are many things for it. I assume that the main reason isn't just a matter of technology but rather an indication of the current market trend: we're expecting for more out of our phones, so device manufacturers are adding more to it - more power, more graphics, more screen size, more resolution, more bandwidth. Just not more battery life.

The GSMA would do well if it would just modify the logo of LTE to reflect its true "potential": as a driver of wireless "connected" devices, where connected means to the wall socket. Here's an idea of what it should look like moving forward:

I am sure these are just growing pains, but for now, this seems like the case. I wouldn't rush to buy any LTE phone this year. Maybe in 2013.

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