What is ORTC Exactly? Share Your Views

August 22, 2014

Quick one for the weekend.


So I tried not to nag you guys here. I really did.

I tweeted it and placed it on the Facebook forum for WebRTC. The result?

Only 14 people answered my quick poll (one of them is actually me – I am entitled my own opinion). And that’s from “60 unique visits” to that poll.

The question there is really simple – what do you think ORTC is.

To make things easier, I added an answer there for you to choose from – so all those unique visitors can simply say they don’t know.

Please – press the link to the ORTC poll. And have your say.

It won’t take much of your time. A single question with several possible answers.

I am asking this out of pure curiosity and nothing else. Final results will be shared.

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      1. I missed a few possible answers:

        – a good thing, because it is a way to finally onboard Microsoft. Thus making sure all browser vendors support WebRTC.

        – a bad thing, because it could end up causing a split in the WebRTC ecosystem. Video codecs was pretty bad, but it was kind of solved. Now we have this again.

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