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AV1 Specification Released: Can we kiss goodbye to HEVC and royalty bearing video codecs?

The newly released AV1 codec marks an important milestone in our road to royalty free video codecs. Here’s a detailed analysis of what it means.

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You Better Ignore the Default Protocol Ports You Implement

Default listening ports for your protocol are mostly useless. If you want to deploy in production TURN, SIP, MQTT or anything else thing of 443.

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The Internet of Things or Things on the Internet?

Here’s the path we need to take to move from things over the internet towards th vision of the internet of things

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WebRTC, TURN and Geolocation. How to Pick the Best Server to Work With?

How do you pick the best TURN server for WebRTC? What geolocation considerations come to play and how do you stitch it to your service?

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The Alliance of Open Media – 10 Months in

There’s been progress in the Alliance of Open Media recently, and all of it is positive. Here’s a quick analysis of the various players.

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NUBOMEDIA: the first open source WebRTC PaaS

An introduction to NUBOMEDIA, the first open source WebRTC PaaS, that is based on the Kurento media server. A guest post by Luis Lopez.

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The Unconnected Messaging World

We aren’t always connected. What happens then when we try to use messaging services when we are offline? Should we rethink our architectures to fit to this use case?

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Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or a new Google Chromecast Dongle – 4K Won’t Matter

How does Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV stack against each other, and is 4K have a serious role in the comparison?

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WebRTC Codec Wars: Rebooted

The Alliance for Open Media was just announced. This is huge news for WebRTC video codec and a reboot of the codec wars. Here’s what you should know about this initiative.

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