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Jeff Lawson on the Past, Present and Future of Programmable Communications

An interview with Jeff Lawson, Co-founder and CEO of Twilio on the past, present and future of programmable communications

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Surprise: Free Video Calling is no Guarantee for Success (or Adoption)

Mozilla Hello is saying goodbye and reminding us that free video calling doesn’t automatically lead to adoption by the masses. Here’s an analysis of what went wrong.

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Allo, Duo, Hangouts or Jibe? Help…

Google just announced Allo and Duo communication apps. How does that fit with Google Hangouts and the bigger picture?

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The WebRTC Slack-Rush

Many WebRTC vendors are running to integrate their service with Slack. But why go to all the trouble when WebRTC Slack is already here.

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Messaging is Migrating from the Browser to the Desktop

Messaging apps are in migration from the web browser towards desktop applications. This happens mainly by wrapping web apps into PC apps. Why is that happening, and how does the future look?

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The Biggest Risk of Building a Business over Messaging Platforms

Are you thinking of using messaging platforms to connect to with your customers programmatically? Think again – there are risks involved in this adventure – you might find yourself with no access to your customers at some point in the future, so tread carefully.

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What’s the Size of Your Messaging app?

Have you noticed how your messaging app is growing in size? You should. With these apps reaching into the billions of users, it is time we put them on a diet.

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Unified Communications is Overrated

Communication is necessary, but is overrated in the importance of a single vendor to offer it across the board – its values aren’t as cherished as they used to be.

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When is 44.5 Billion a Small Number?

Microsoft Edge has been used 44.5 billion minutes last month. Is that a big number of a small one, and what does it say about ORTC and WebRTC adoption? Why is Microsoft faltering with Edge, and it is there anything they can really do to improve that?

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