Deciding which Video API vendor to use keeping you up at night?

With this report, you will be able to make the best decision on the right Interactive Video API managed platform for your company. MAY 2024 EDITION

Reduce Your Risk Without Losing Precious Time When Choosing a Video API Platform

You had this great idea: a new service you want to start. And that service requires real time communications.

What you need is some interactive video capabilities, but you know the market is a bit in flux. Companies leaving and joining, and now Twilio deciding to sunset their Programmable Video service altogether and asking customers to use Zoom instead.

Now comes the hard part, selecting the right ‘platform’ that is right for your company.

As it so happens, there is no single answer – no schoolbook solution that fits everyone. Your use case and environment are unique to you.

Product managers typically have three choices when it comes to introducing interactive video:

  • Develop your service from scratch, getting which requires your developers up to speed with this technology.
  • Pick some open source and commercial technologies and products and integrate them together.
  • Pick a Video API vendor and try to run the service on top of it.

This is why I have written this report – Video APIs.

With this report, you will be able to make the best decision on the right interactive video platform for your company. It will save you time in narrowing down your vendor selection process in the Video API route, and in the case that you do require in-house development you’ll learn that right away and the best approach and steps to take.

The report also takes a deep dive into the metrics to assist in your decision, as well as introduce many of the potential Video API vendors, looking at their capabilities and roadmap.

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What will you find in this report?

This is the first edition of the report, fresh out of the oven. Everything here was written from scratch, with a focus on how the market has been shaping up to this date.

Full of valuable and actionable information

WebRTC CPaaS vendor's profiles

figures & tables

membership site
With additional tools and articles

The vendors reviewed:

What you'll learn...

The report will guide you through the process of selecting the most suitable development option for your use case:

  • 1
    Gain understanding about WebRTC and its challenges
  • 2
    List the various approaches to developing use cases, with their pros and cons
  • 3
    Go over the various KPIs for selecting a WebRTC PaaS vendor
  • 4
    Offer a quick way to filter 20 different WebRTC Paas vendors into the 3 most suitable ones

What you'll receive

The report doesn’t come as a standalone PDF file. This is a living and breathing service.

If you purchase the report, then you are entitled of a one year subscription for the report. During that time, you will receive the following additional benefits:

  • 1
    Access to a dedicated membership site with additional up to date resources and materials
  • 2
    Any updates to the report made during your subscription period will be provided to you freely
  • 3
    Visuals from the report, ready for your next Powerpoint presentation
  • 4
    Vendor Selection Blueprint, a step-by-step workbook for your vendor selection process
  • 5
    Price Calculator, assisting in your cost estimations across vendors

What to take a peek inside?

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  • Report
  • 1 year of free updates
  • Dedicated membership tools
  • Presentation visuals

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