WebRTC for Business People

Unraveling the challenges and opportunities of the WebRTC ecosystem
(for WebRTC Business People)

Time to learn more about what you can do with WebRTC

WebRTC for Business People is a free report that will get you up to speed with WebRTC. It explains in plain words what WebRTC is (and what it isn’t), and show cases vendors in different market segments who are using it successfully today.

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What's inside the report

  • Introduction
    • Who Am I Anyway?
    • Why WebRTC for Business People?
    • Why this 2022 Edition?
    • A Thanks to Daily
  • What is WebRTC?
    • What WebRTC?
    • Free
  • WebRTC’s Job to be Done
    • Barriers of Entry for New Vendors
    • Reducing End User Friction
    • The Innovator’s Dilemma and WebRTC
    • The Evolution of WebRTC
    • Skilled Developers
  • Browser Support
    • Handling non-Supporting Browsers
    • Handling Mobile Devices
    • WebRTC on Devices
  • WebRTC API Components
    • MediaDevices
    • PeerConnection
    • DataChannel
  • Networking and Supported Features
    • P2P
    • Signaling
    • Firewall and NAT Traversal
    • Security
    • Media Processing
    • Interoperability
  • WebRTC Hype
  • The WebRTC Ecosystem
    • The 5 Uses of WebRTC
  • WebRTC Use Cases by Verticals
    • The Vendors
    • Tooling
    • Customer Service & Support
    • Enterprise Communications
    • Virtual & Hybrid Events
    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • Social
    • Streaming and Content Delivery
    • The Missing Use Cases
  • Recommendations
  • Appendix A: Online Resources
    • Blogs
    • Communities
  • Appendix B: Finding out More
  • Appendix C: About Daily

Vendors profiled:

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