Heading to Paris for the WebRTC Conference

October 1, 2012

There’s a conference next week I am joining. It is about WebRTC and telcos.

I’ve been preparing in the last several weeks to the WebRTC Conference in Paris (10-12 October). I have there 3 presentations of my own, which lead to a lot of work on my part.

I’ve been trying to work in my mind what is the telcos’ role in a world of WebRTC for a while now. It seems like this is both an opportunity and a challenge to them – one that can assist them in the brave new world of OTTs. This is why this specific WebRTC conference is important to me – it deals directly with the connection between telcos and WebRTC.

When I decided to offer some topics for the agenda, I tried to select topics that were less covered – looking at WebRTC less from the technical point of view of its inner workings or integration points of WebRTC to various other networks and instead focusing on how it changes the basic principles of communications and what its architectural decisions mean to the ecosystem involved and the new one that is taking shape.

These are the topics I will be presenting:

WebRTC as a Market Disruptor to OTT VoIP Services

What makes WebRTC a potential driver for telco innovation?
OTT VoIP players are disrupting the telco space for several years now. WebRTC, as a new standard, has the potential of disrupting OTT VoIP players and become a real boon for telcos.

In this session I will try to analyze in a high level the OTT business model and the threats it faces from WebRTC.

The Missing WebRTC Infrastructure

WebRTC provides a simple and elegant solution for real-time communication. At the same time, it leaves all signaling and architectural questions open.What can companies do to close this gap in WebRTC infrastructure and how will it assist the ecosystem to grow and flourish?

In this session I will give a few examples of additional infrastructure building blocks that will be necessary to any company who wishes to adopt WebRTC as part of their product or service offering.

Which Codec for WebRTC?

There is an ongoing debate as to which codecs should WebRTC mandate: VP8 or H.264, G.7xx series or Opus.Where does this debate come from? What lies behind the different sides in this debate, and why we all should strive for a simple solution?

This session is a bit more technical, though not much. It deals with the decisions each specification has when it comes to the selection of codecs, the different worldviews that exist in such decision making processes and where do we find WebRTC in all this.

If you are planning on attending the event, I will be more than happy to meet you and discuss on topics related to WebRTC, VoIP and telcos. You can reach me out prior to the conference through the contact page.

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