WebRTC course home assignments are here

January 9, 2023

Home assignments are coming to the next round of office hours for my WebRTC training courses for developers.

Around 6 years ago I launched the first WebRTC course here. Since then, that grew into its own separate website and multiple courses and bundles.

Next month, another round of office hours is about to begin. In each such round, there are live sessions where I teach something about WebRTC and then open the floor for general questions. That’s on top of all the recorded lessons, the chat widget and slack channel that are available.

In this round (starting February 6), I am experimenting with something new. This time, I will be adding home assignments…

The dynamics of office hours

The office hours are 10-12 lessons that take place on a weekly cadence at two separate time zones, to fit everyone.

In each I pick and choose a topic that is commonly discussed and try to untangle it from a slightly different angle than what you’ll be finding in the course itself. I then let people ask questions.

The office hours are semi-private. Usually with 2-6 participants each time. This gives the ability to really ask the questions you care about and need to deal with in your own WebRTC application.

Why home assignments?

As part of my new role as the Chief Product Officer at Spearline, I asked to enroll in a course – CPO Bootcamp (the best one if you’re in Israel). It is grueling as hell but more importantly – highly useful and actionable.

One of the components in that bootcamp is home assignment. They are given every week, then they get checked and feedback is given. They make me think about the things I am doing at Spearline and how to improve and finetune our roadmap and strategy. I even share them with my own team – being able to delegate is great, but it is more about the shared brainpower.

As with anything else, when I see something that is so good, I try to figure out if and where I can make use of that idea.

Which brings me to the WebRTC courses home assignments.

Home assignments = implementation AND feedback

For me, home assignments fit the best as part of the office hours.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

  • You come to the office hours
  • I share a topic related to WebRTC. In this round, the focus will be on requirements and architecture and design – and the planning of it all
  • Then, I will present the home assignment for the given round
  • You will have time until the following office hour to write down the assignment and submit it – in Google Docs or a Microsoft Word file
  • Once submitted, I’ll be reviewing and writing my feedback

The assignments relate and are focused on your WebRTC application. Not to something unrelated. Their purpose is to make you think, revisit and evaluate the things you’ve done and decided.

They are also building upon one another, each touching a different aspect of the design and architecture.

In a way, this is a unique opportunity to get another pair of eyes (mine) looking at your set of requirements, architecture and decisions and offering a different viewpoint.

Getting the most of the WebRTC courses

If you are planning to learn WebRTC, then now is the best time possible.

Those who have enrolled to the course in the last 12 months or have renewed their course subscription can join the office hours and take part in the home assignments.

Office hours will start  February 6.

If you haven’t enrolled yet, then you should 😉More information on how to enroll can be found on the WebRTC courses site.

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