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August 6, 2019

The next evolution of my WebRTC training program is here.

A few years ago I wanted to try something new, so I spent a few months creating the Advanced WebRTC Architecture course. 3 years and 300 students later, it is time for a refresh.

While I keep my course up to date, hosting office hours, adding links on a monthly basis and modifying existing lessons when the need arise, there were things that I just never got around to. Which is why three months ago, I sat down and planned the next stage for my course – thinking of how to add more content but not implode the course and its price point due to it.

The end result?

4 separate courses, 3 courses available starting this month, and the fourth one? Once I am done creating it.

I’ve renamed them a bit, at least on the higher level, for simplicity, while keeping the Advanced WebRTC Architecture course mouthful-name inside the course itself (it made no sense to record it all again just for a “name-change”). Here is the new structure:

  1. WebRTC Basics
  2. Advanced WebRTC
  3. WebRTC Tooling
  4. Supporting WebRTC

WebRTC Basics – a free course

The WebRTC Basics course is something I’ve been thinking about on and off for quite some time. The content of this course are quite simple – it is the first module of my Advanced WebRTC Architecture course.

I even made that module free to access in my existing course in the past few months, though it is hard to tell how many people understood that it is free to access. For this reason, and a few others, I’ve decided to split it from the main course and offer it as a stand-alone free course.

Interested in learning the basics of WebRTC? You can just enroll to this new course today for free and watch the lessons at your own pace.

Advanced WebRTC (Architecture course)

This is my signature WebRTC course. It got a facelift in this round:

  • The learning experience has been upgraded and made modern
  • Content got updated as well, to reflect the current WebRTC state
  • Lessons now have lesson briefs, to make it easier for you to get back to them and review content without watching the lesson videos
  • Lessons now have Q&A, helping with common questions on that specific topic, and to assist you in making sure you understand the lesson content
  • At the request of some of the students, I’ve added a link to the glossary terms which appear in each lesson as part of the additional materials on each lesson

If you are a student of this course already, login today and see if you can notice the difference 😉

One thing that didn’t make it in the migration is your course progress… all in the name of… progress 🙁

WebRTC Tooling – a brand new “course”

This one’s brand new and is geared to become a rich library of resources.

Today, it includes two modules:

  1. Interviews – 10-15 minute interviews (which I unwisely called “in 10 minutes or less” with the people behind popular commercial and open source tools in the industry. The idea? If you want to pick a tool, you can quickly skim through the relevant video interviews to filter out alternatives, saving you tons of time
  2. Snippets – technical answers to common technical questions that I see. They can be found inside the Advanced WebRTC course in various places or deduced from it, but here you have them in byte-size chunks of 3-8 minutes each

In each of these modules there are already over 8 “lessons”, and I plan to grow the list on a monthly basis – especially by request/demand of the students who enroll to it.

For this week only, the All included course comes with the Tooling course for free (it is priced like the Advanced WebRTC course).

Supporting WebRTC – coming soon

This is a new course I’ve been thinking of on and off in the last year. It seems like I am getting more and more requests for such a thing and in some of my consulting engagements I end up working directly with support teams on figuring out what they see in WebRTC dumps.

The intention of this course is to focus on support teams and what they need to know about WebRTC to effectively assist their customers.

This is in the ideation phase for me, but will soon go into creation phase. If you are interested to learn more or participate – contact me.

All Included – a bundled offering

This is a bundle of the Advanced WebRTC and the WebRTC Tooling course into one package.

It costs less than enrolling to each separately. And for the coming week, it is priced like the Advanced WebRTC course. Which means large savings.

In the one week launch period, there are 3 eBooks that will be supplied for free as well. Which leads me to the next part –


While we’re at it, I’ve written a new eBook and made two other eBooks available for purchase:

  • Best practices in scaling WebRTC deployments – a new eBook, detailing the various aspects of scaling WebRTC services. This should get you going in understanding what’s expected of you and what are the common best practices in the industry
  • Scaling Jitsi – Jitsi operates Jitsi Meet, a global, scalable group video calling service. I’ve sat down with them two years ago, to get the gist of how they’ve managed to scale it. This eBook details that
  • The perfect WebRTC developer profile – what do managers and entrepreneurs look for in WebRTC developers? This holds an interview I’ve done with 7 managers and developers who are working with WebRTC for quite some time

During the coming week, through the launch period of the course, these eBooks will be freely available as part of the All Included bundle. If you’re not interested in the courses, but interested in one or all of the eBooks, you can purchase them separately.

Q&A about this WebRTC course restructuring

I understand that this might confuse a bit, especially students who are already enrolled in the course. I’ll try to address these issues and other questions here –

What happens to those who enrolled in the WebRTC course in the last 12 months?

Nothing special.

They get to enjoy the new tools available for them in the Advanced WebRTC course. If you are one of these people and you have difficulties logging in – contact me.

What if I enrolled more than 12 months ago?

Then your subscription to the course is over. If you still want access, contact me.

When is the next office hours round taking place?

After the summer vacation.

I plan on starting these come September.

When will this restructuring take place?

It already has.

The courses and eBooks are now all available on webrtccourse.com.

Where can I learn more about the WebRTC courses?

On the course website.

You can find there testimonials from people who took the course, an FAQ, the list of partners, the syllabus and other details.

If you have specific questions, feel free to reach out to me and ask them.

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