My Latest WebRTC Report and a Webinar

May 2, 2014

Consider this a quick update.

Feedback on my report

As you might have noticed, I released my second report a few weeks ago. The update and responses I received were very positive, which makes me very happy – I invested a lot of time and thought into it. I constantly talk to people who ask for my advice in developing with WebRTC, and now that I have this report, I find myself sending them to it. It feels a lot like pimping my work, which isn’t fun, but to tell the truth – it is probably worth for those interested in exactly that.

To make things easier for you to make a decision about purchasing this report, here are 4 resources:

  1. The table of contents, along with the report’s introduction chapter are freely available for download. This should give you a general idea of what to expect in this report
  2. My friend Amir Zmora, was kind enought to review my report before its publication. He decided to write a review of it on LinkedIn: 3 reasons why you must read the report Choosing a WebRTC API Platform (leaving me open mouthed and flattered)
  3. Erik Krapf also took the time to write about my report: Choosing a WebRTC API (thanks Erik!)
  4. My latest post on different development approached with WebRTC – if you find it useful, then know there’s a chapter dedicated to this topic

If you are still not sure if this is for you, or if you just want to chat – contact me.

Upcoming Webinar

I am doing a BrightTalk webinar later this month. The topic will be closely related to the report: How to Select a WebRTC API Platform for Your Dream Service

WebRTC API Platform Webinar

I haven’t even started preparing the content for it, but I plan to make a lot of it new material.

The webinar is free, and scheduled for the 28th of May. Be sure to register.

Other Stuff

A lot is going on lately. More will be revealed in my upcoming monthly newsletter.

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