WebRTC Weekly: Other Opinions

May 25, 2013

Time for some opinions other than my own – mainly those that I don’t see happening.

different opinion

Just when I thought I can close shop for the week and rest, I start reading WebRTC posts that I disagree with to one degree or another.

Since I don’t think I am the only smart guy around, I thought of bringing these posts to your attention as well – judge for yourself.

  • Daitan Group has a thought out piece about interoperability and WebRTC, and they see it as key. If you don’t know my views – I think interoperability is overrated when it comes to WebRTC, so here’s someone who thinks otherwise.
  • Art Rosenberg notes that it takes two to Tango, implying the need for us to look at the caller and not only the callee in WebRTC scenarios. Sure we need to, but I wouldn’t say this is a “problem” more than it is in other communication means today.
  • Phil Wolff, Skype’s most vocal advocate, tries to pitch WebRTC against Skype (Skype wins). I think he is a tad optimistic – his notion of Skype reducing friction wherever possible falls short compared to how Viber operates today. Paradigms are shifting, and while Viber hasn’t killed Skype, it did grab a large piece of the market. WebRTC can wreak havoc in Skype if Microsoft doesn’t react in time.
  • And then there’s Chris Koehncke, which I just can’t bring myself to disagree with. His latest post about browser market share, and the need to match browser share to the use case and not be satisfied with global market share numbers is to the point as always.

Make what you will out of it – I don’t pretend to have all the answers. All of these posts are great reads, well thought of, and with sound reasoning – enjoy them – and your weekend.

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Two years of WebRTC Insights

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