Weekend Reads: WebRTC All Over

January 18, 2013

Here’s some homework for you folks for the weekend.


You might have noticed that I’ve moved from posting 2 times a week to 3 times a week in most weeks. Apparently this isn’t enough either – I already have a pipeline of two months of topics I want to write about – and that’s just my stuff.

My solution for now would be to add a fourth post in some of these weeks which will send you elsewhere – to interesting things I’ve read and think are important for you. The name for it? Weekend Reads.

This time, it is all around WebRTC, as this week was packed full with information that I haven’t written…

To make things simple, here are a few posts I found really interesting this week:

Hope you will like this additional “bombardment” from my side – the idea came after a polite complain in the WebRTC group of Facebook that others should post as well and that people shouldn’t be posting only their own content. So I thought – “if I can share other’s content there, why not on my own blog as well?”

Have a great weekend.

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