HELP NEEDED: What Phone Should I Use?

February 23, 2012

I’ve been using an Android for the past 2-3 years. Now in a new job, I get a new phone. And it is going to be the corporate-standard. A Blackberry. Not my cup of tea.

What should I do then?

  1. Stay with the Blackberry
  2. Replace it now with an iPhone 4S
  3. Replace it now with an Android phone. Probably a Samsung Galaxy S II
  4. Wait until May. And then replace it with the new Samsung Galaxy S III
  5. Wait until iPhone 5 is out and replace with it
  6. Go for a Nokia Lumia to check out Windows Phone
  7. Go for another Android phone – either now, or by waiting a bit

Any suggestions? What would you do in such a case?

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  1. well……..
    I think you are an Android person, you are technical and into new technologies so this is definitely the device for you
    Not sure about the galaxy S II, I think that the physical size is crapy, it’s too big for my taste but you should “feel” it out before you decide
    iPhone is GREAT for people that just need it to work and enjoy endless applications
    Windows…. the Lumia looks great but nobody is sure where its going to

    1. Hay,
      Good thinking. My problem is that most apps are written to the iPhone first, so seeing the innovations means having an iPhone – at least to some extent.
      Not sure I buy my own statement here, but this is what causes me aggravations.

  2. No to Android… unless you enjoy crashes/bad UI/messing around with your phone.

    iPhone 4S or the Lumia. If you depend on Hebrew, wait for the Lumia to actually be released in Israel before making that move.
    I have a WP7 (Samsung Focus) and it is awesome. I enjoy every minute of using it. Hoever, the Hebrew is backwards and the only reason I can actually have Hebrew on it is because my phone is dev unlocked.

    1. Eyal,
      I had an Android for the past 2-3 years already so I am aware of the pains. The problem is, that a masochist like me sometime enjoys it…

  3. Based on your new work place just be aware that there is an evaluation of new devices. Validate that Android get access to company network since it is not like this today. Only iPhone and Blackbery get access to e-mails and blackberry also to the intranet.

    1. Thanks!
      From what I understood during lunch just yesterday, there’s an Android phone that is now approved.
      Anyway, I care less about workplace network on my smartphone than I do about understanding what goes on in the market. This means that I need a phone with apps more than a phone with corporate emails.

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