What Do 4K and Wi-Fi Have in Common?

July 15, 2012

It just so happens that I had two more posts published this week that might interest you. One about 4K displays and the other about Wi-Fi and cellular.

The Necessity of 4K Displays

4K displays are the new trend. After Internet TV, 3D and higher frame rates have failed (at least for now), TV manufacturers are trying to go for higher resolutions.

Will it work? Does it make sense? I took the time to write about it at NoJitter: Are We Headed Towards a 4K Industry?

The Necessity of Cellular in a World Gone Wi-Fi

People question the need for cellular data networks. Do the math – most of us use smartphone data over Wi-Fi a lot more than on 3G or LTE. So why do we need the industry to focus on cellular and not on Wi-Fi?

This is the topic of my latest post on Amdocs Voices: To Wi-Fi? Or not to Wi-Fi?

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