WebRTC Interviews

WebRTC is new. As such, each person has his own views and his own strategy when employing it for his needs. Be it Google themselves, book authors or start-up companies.

I wanted to bring these views here – to let you see for yourself what people are doing with WebRTC.

buildAR: Rob Manson

Augmented Reality

Twinlife: Michel Gien

Permission communications

TrueConf: Michael Gotalsky

Enterprise VC meets WebRTC

Jitsi: Emil Ivov

Opensource MCU

callstats.io: Varun Singh

Monitoring WebRTC

Grimwire: Paul Frazee

Data Channel Signaling

&yet: Henrik Joreteg

Making WebRTC Awesme

Jocly: Michel Gutierrez

Gaming meets WebRTC

OnSIP: Will Mitchell

Business SIP meets WebRTC

Regroup Therapy: David Cohn

Online therapy via WebRTC

Apidaze: Philippe Sultan

Enabling Telco API with WebRTC

Zingaya: Alexey Aylarov

Click-2-Call on the web

XirSys: Richard Blakely

NAT Traversal made easy

Vonage: Sagi Dudai

Going video and mobile

TruClinic: Justin Kahn

Telehealth goes WebRTC

Peer5: Hadar Weiss

Data channel P2P'ing

Teledini: Steve Smithwick

Closing a sales cycle with WebRTC

TokBox: Ian Small

Comms for developers

Temasys: Bill & Alex

Video Conferencing via WebRTC

FreeCRM: Eric Stone

CRM goes WebRTC

Solaborate: Labinot Bytyqi

Social media gets a WebRTC treatment

Doug Pelton: Priologic

From open source to Enterprise WebRTC

Graham Francis: WebRTC School

Learning WebRTC online

Tom Moor: Sqwiggle

Empowering remote teams

Shubh Agarwal: OpenClove

Cloud meets Mobile meets WebRTC

Rene Tapia: MaxiAmigos

Dating site adopts WebRTC

Dmitry Dragilev: fresh tilled soil

Web development team adds WebRTC support

Kishore & Jason: Wreally Studios

Conducting technical interviews remotely

Jeremy Thomas: popexpert

Making experts accessible to people

Denis Mars: Meetings.io

A Better Google+ Hangout

Steven Sokol: Digium

WebRTC enabled PBX

Arnaud Budkiewicz: Bistri

Personal communication hub

Erik Tylek Kettenburg: Vacasa Rentals

Powering vacations with WebRTC

Davide Corda: Abbeynet

Call buttons on websites

Kavan Seggie: AddLive

WebRTC telephony APIs for the rest of us.

Scott Wharton: Vidtel

Connecting enterprise video conferencing to the web

Amol Kher: Wello

Fitness training over the web.

John Logsdon: Drum

Changing the way enterprises use web collaboration.

Mark Weidick: TenHands

Enterprise video conferencing using WebRTC.

Chris Matthieu: Twelephone

VoIP for Twitter: A social network doing VoIP in a web browser.

Terry Shats: frisB

Generate missed calls from the web to your phone

Alan Johnston: The WebRTC Book

The best resource for developers to learn about WebRTC.

Serge Lachapelle: Google

How Google sees the uptake of WebRTC by developers.

I am always in search for more views. Contact me if you want to be interviewed.