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UCaaS, CCaaS & CPaaS: An interview with Alan Masarek, Vonage CEO

Alan Masarek, Vonage CEO, talks about the future of cloud communications and how Vonage/Nexmo fits into it and enabling communications for their customers.

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Jeff Lawson on the Past, Present and Future of Programmable Communications

An interview with Jeff Lawson, Co-founder and CEO of Twilio on the past, present and future of programmable communications

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Google and WebRTC. An Interview with Niklas Blum

Hear about WebRTC and where it is headed from Niklas Blum, who leads product management for WebRTC at Google.

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BancSpace and WebRTC: An Interview With Lori Van Deloo

BancSpace is a call center service for financial institutions. It is unique since its founder, Lori Van Deloo comes from this industry and not from VoIP. Check out this interview on WebRTC and banking.

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Twilio and WebRTC: An Interview with Al Cook

Twilio is a powerhouse when it comes to cloud communication APIs. It is also one of the distinct players in WebRTC. I had the opportunity to sit with Al Cook for an interview on their launch of Twilio Video and their roadmap moving forward.

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SaferMobility and WebRTC: An Interview With Matthew Mah

SaferMobility is used WebRTC on campuses to enable safety related use cases. Matthew Mah, CTO of SaferMobility answers my interview about their challenges with using WebRTC in their service.

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Ziggeo and WebRTC: An Interview With Susan Danziger

Ziggeo offers an asynchronous interface to record and playback videos on websites. How does that work exactly? Here’s an interview with Susan Danziger, CEO of Ziggeo. She explains what are customers use Ziggeo for, and how is this service making use of WebRTC.

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Fone.Do is reinventing the office phone for small businesses. Want to learn more? Here’s an interview with Moshe Maeir, founder of Fone.Do.

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Tellybean and WebRTC: An Interview With Cami Hongell

Tellybean is all about fitting WebRTC video calls into the TV in your living room. Cami Hongell, CEO of Tellybean explains the Tellybean service in this interview with him

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