Why Would Anyone Buy RIM?

Who is going to acquire RIM?

There are talks once in a while about companies wanting to acquire RIM. Does it make any sense? I went this week to WIPJam Tel-Aviv. The sessions were interesting and a lot of stuff was raised. I learned a lot – especially about our own home-grown apps companies and ecosystem here in Israel. I went […]

1 Important Tip for Writing Apps for Mobile Phones

Mobile apps breakdown due to OS upgrades

Mobile software architecture is quite complex. This complexity, coupled with the diversity of the devices and operating systems out there and the fast pace and innovation in this industry make writing applications for smartphones a real challenge – especially if you plan on supporting multiple devices or simply if you wish to survive the next firmware upgrade of the phone. My only tip for developers is to stick to the highest level possible for each module in their app.

Starting anew


After 13 years and then some it definitely is time to leave RADVISION. I had too much fun to leave earlier, but now, when several opportunities presented themselves, it was obvious a change was required. RADVISION for me was a big playground – a place to experiment and grow. I’ve worked there as a developer, […]